Four Integral Parts of Research Paper and Their Definition

To compose a great research paper, you should learn about the main components that it should consist of. If you don’t know about them, you might structure your text in a poor way and your teacher won’t be satisfied with your work even if your actual study has been conducted properly and you’ve achieved interesting results.

Integral Components of Any Successful Research Paper

  1. The introduction.
  2. This is a chapter that introduces the topic of a paper and explains why it should be studied in the first place. The introduction should include brief information about the following chapters and provide the reader with an idea about the scope of the work. It should also introduce and interpret the main keywords used in the text.

  3. The methodology.
  4. This section should provide the reader with thorough information about the activities that the author has engaged in to achieve the goal of the project. First, the author should explain why they’ve chosen this particular set of methods. Having examined the methodology chapter, the reader should be able to replicate the study of the author.

  5. The results.
  6. Here, the author should demonstrate the actual outcomes of their research. It’s important to present the raw figures first without any interpretations and explanations so that the reader can analyze objective information before reading about the author’s thoughts about the significance of their findings.

  7. The discussion.
  8. Finally, the author should indicate how their study can help other scholars and whether found data has a serious impact on the development of the field. The author should also offer several ways for further research based on the information presented in their paper.

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In brief, your research paper should include four integral chapters which are the introduction, methodology, results, and discussion. Having composed these chapters properly and in the right order, you’ll be able to clearly describe your study and convey the main message of your work. If some of these sections are missing, the structure of your text will be fragile and most readers won’t understand the purpose of your work.