What to Write in Research Paper on Leonardo da Vinci

When required to write paper about Leonardo da Vinci, you may wonder where to begin, not because of lack of content, but because there is simply too much to write. In any case, you must focus on this artist’s work and life, particularly the Mona Lisa, which is one of the most famous paintings by this Italian legend.

Who is Leonardo da Vinci?

The first step in writing research paper about the legend Leonardo da Vinci is giving a brief historical background or description of who he is. This Italian legend lived between 1419 and 1529, and is known all over the world for his great talent in architecture, engineering, painting, sculpture and in scientific inventions.

Among the greatest of all his works is the Mona Lisa’s smile, which has received a lot of admiration the world all over, for among other reasons, that the legend captured it over canvas. This painting enthralled Leonardo da Vinci himself such that he carried it always until he sold it in France.

Outline hints

You must develop an outline if you want to write an interesting A+ grade paper.

The following is a sample Leonardo da Vinci research paper outline to help you get an overview of what should be included in the paper.

  • Background:
    This area may focus on the person of Leonardo da Vinci; how he affected people in the society, particularly on the contribution in advancements in medicine and technology. This legend also changed the manner in which people look at their bodies. Important to note is that Leonardo da Vinci undertook his studies while still in his father’s house, and drew a lot of inspiration from his father.
  • His contributions:
    Among the most notable contributions is that he changed the manner in which people look at the medical field and technology. He created what he referred to as ‘flying machine’, and which inspired the development of the modern helicopter. His discoveries about the body have led to the modern advancements in medicine.
  • Conclusion:
    In the concluding paragraph of the paper, you may say that Leonardo da Vinci he did so much and everything he did changed how people look at life.