Applying MLA Style for Research Paper: Main Rules You Should Follow

Writing a term paper can be the most daunting task a student can have. Usually, it is because one hasn’t prepared adequately. This brings to me a number of things. What measures have you put in place to make sure every academic writing task is something you handle with a lot of easy? Notably, nothing is easy when it comes to scoring better grades and it calls upon every learner out there not to overly rely on what is taught in the classroom as the only means to success but to also go out there are conduct an extensive reading. The more you read, the better a write you become. This is because you get to learn so much with an example being formatting a research paper MLA style. In college and University, one of the things which are clearly pronounced whenever a writing task is assigned is the style with which it is supposed to be written. Is it MLA, APA or any other? Do you have a deeper understanding of what is supposed to be done regarding formatting and referencing?

Well, when things don’t look clear to you, as a student you are advised to take a leap into the web and find a good sample paper. In this case, all you need is an example of a research paper MLA style in order to have a glimpse into what it entails in terms of formatting. For every academic writing style, it is important to note that there are rules which are supposed to follow because in one way or another, they play significant in your literary composition. In fact, rules of writing a paper in MLA style will always go a long way in enhancing your skills of writing. In this article, I take you through some of the main rules which students should follow in order to craft a top grade academic paper so take a look below for insights.

  • Margin and paragraphing
    Just like it is the case with other academic writing styles, formatting your pages when using MLA style is very important and in this case, I start you off with margin and paragraphing. Well, your page margins should be 1-inch on all side and on the other hand, every paragraph should be indented by 1-ich.
  • Font style and font size
    Your font size should be 12. However, you are free to use any other font style that is easy to read and will make your paper look scholarly such as Times New Roman.

Spacing is also an important element of formatting and in the case of MLA, everything should be double-spaced.