20 Topics To Investigate In A Term Paper On Bullying

Bullying, school bullying in particular, is a hot topic for research and term papers as it affects primarily children. Here are 20 topics to investigate when writing a term paper on bullying, no matter what kind of stance or subject your term paper is for.

  1. Prevalence. How often is it happening, where is it happening, when is it happening?
  2. What grades are effected most? Similar to prevalence, but it differs in that you will be investigating which specific grades are affected most.
  3. Who is doing the bullying? Boys? Girls? Both?
  4. Race. Are certain races more likely to bully than others?
  5. Income levels. Does income level play a role on who gets bullied as well who does the bullying?
  6. Life Expectancy. Can bullying have an impact on life expectancy?
  7. Suicide Rates. Does bullying have an impact on reported suicides of those who were currently students at the time of death?
  8. Drugs. What is the likelihood of bullying effecting the potential drug use of a student. Does it increase the chances of this happening?
  9. Alcohol use. What is the affect of bullying on alcohol use, particularly in high school?
  10. Future Alcohol Abuse. What role does or can bullying play in the potential for future alcohol abuse in students?
  11. Incarceration. Is there a trend among those who do the bullying, or those who are bullied, that shows an abnormality in incarceration rates among these groups of people?
  12. Home location. Is bullying occurring more in rural areas or urban areas?
  13. Home life. What are those who are bullying and those who have been bullieds’ home life-like?
  14. School environment: Is there a trend in the school environment? Are the schools that see the most bullying schools that suffer from behavioral issues or from schools that seem to have average behavioral issues?
  15. Positive effects. When researching a topic for a term paper, you never know what you may find. Are there any positive aspects of bullying on school kids?
  16. Impact on education. What sort of impact does bullying have on the education that students receive while in school?
  17. School Programs. What sort of school programs are in place to educate students on the effects of bullying?
  18. Community Programs. What sort of programs do communities have in place to educate and help students with bullying?
  19. School Policies. What are the average schools’ policies regarding bullying? What are the consequences?
  20. Media Betrayal of Bullying. In what ways does the media’s betrayal of bullying, effect bullying?